The Secret To Smooth Feet All Year Round |

The Secret To Smooth Feet All Year Round

There’s a secret to smooth feet that doesn’t involve a bunch of pedicures. This one item can help your feet whether it’s sandal wearing time in the Summer, or dry skin time in the Winter.

The Secret To Smooth Feet All Year Round |

With all the wear and tear that our feet go through they can sometimes start to feel like sandpaper. I know it sucks and might sound gross, but it’s the truth.

In the Summer it’s a great time to pull out our shorts and flip flops. The only thing about flip flops is that they tend to make the bottom of your feet very dry.

Then, in the Winter our skin gets dry enough to where it doesn’t even need the help of flip flops or sandals.

So what’s the solution to this dry skin issue?

A pumice stone!

What Is A Pumice Stone?

The Secret To Smooth Feet All Year Round |
The Secret To Smooth Feet All Year Round

A pumice stone is a rock that is created when lava mixes with water. Together the elements makeup this porous stone.

I researched if there are any environmental effects for using pumice stones and I haven’t found anything so far, so I was pretty happy about that.

Pumice stone has many popular uses in beauty. It’s used as an exfoliant for feet, and sometimes in dental products to help whiten teeth. The stone can also come in powder form that is sometimes used in skin products as a face exfoliant. You can read more about pumice stone here.

Since it can be a bit abrasive, I just stick to using it to help keep the bottom of my feet nice and smooth.

Today, stores sell different variations of a pumice stone. Now they are even making “pumice stone-like” brushes with an abrasive side and a softer side. In my opinion these ones are too plasticky and don’t work as well.

So I try to buy a pumice stone in its most natural form. They sell these pretty much anywhere beauty products are sold.

A good thing about pumice stones is that they can last a really long time. I bought mine years ago from Sally Beauty Supply. But you can find them at plenty of other places too.

You can most likely find them in the section for body items such as loofahs and spa stuff, and they aren’t too pricey either. I believe I purchased mine for about $5.

How To Use A Pumice Stone

The Secret To Smooth Feet All Year Round |

When you get a pedicure at a salon you might notice that they use something to scrub the bottom of your feet. Using a pumice stone is similar to this and it doesn’t take too much effort.

The best time that I like to use my pumice stone is when I’m in the shower. After I wash up, then I’ll tend to my feet if I feel they need some extra lovin’.

I simply wet the stone with warm water, put a little bit of soap on top, then gently scrub my feet in circular motions.

You don’t want to scrub too hard because they stone is already rough enough. Plus, the more you keep up with it, the less maintenance you have to do to your feet in the long run.

Once I’m done, I use a little more soap to clean my pumice stone and that’s it!

An Alternative To The Shower

The Secret To Smooth Feet All Year Round |

If it’s a little hard for you to bend down in the shower to reach your feet or find that it’s uncomfortable, there is an alternative method that you can try.

Grab a chair and place it next to your shower or tub. Then you can either put your feet in the shower or set your feet at the edge of the tub. Wet your feet with warm water, you want to make sure they’re a little moist.

Next, dampen the pumice stone with warm water, add some soap, place your ankle on top of your other leg so you can see the bottom of your foot, and gently scrub your foot while sitting in the chair.

You can still get smooth feet and don’t have to feel uncomfortable while doing it. This method does take a little extra time but it’ll be well worth it to show your feet some love.

Smooth Feet

The Secret To Smooth Feet All Year Round |

Once I get out of the shower I make sure to rub my feet with a moisturizing oil or lotion. It’s best to moisturize right after taking off the dead skin that way your feet can soak it all up and stay smooth for a longer period of time.

It’s just like exfoliating your face, you want to put moisture back into your skin afterwards.

After I’ve used the pumice stone, another thing I try to do is wear socks or slippers when walking on the floor at home. I really feel like this helps to keep my feet smooth too.

Whenever I do get a pedicure, they always say how soft the bottom of my feet are.

My secret to smooth feet is definitely the pumice stone.

I know some people like to walk barefoot and I’ve read that walking on the ground or in the grass can be good for you, but I’ve always been someone who likes soft feet.

I like to wear a lot of sandals in the Summer and don’t like the feeling that my feet are sticking to my socks in the Winter because they’re so dry, yuck.

So, if you’re someone who likes to try to keep their feet nice and smooth too, then get yo’ self a pumice stone!

If you don’t have time or money to get a pedicure then a pumice stone can be a nice replacement too.

So the secret’s out, now we can spread to word.

Happy pumice stoning! Hehe

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