Simple Organization For Pet Supplies |

Simple Organization For Pet Supplies

Having to grab a leash from one part of the house, then go to another area for food and paw wipes can be a little inefficient. That’s when I realized it was time to put everything in one spot, and the organizing began. Simple organization for pet supplies is another easy way of keeping the house tidy and grouping things together.

Simple Organization For Pet Supplies

Over the years our little Mea has definitely accumulated her own set of things. Especially after 12 years, I think it’s to be expected.

Luckily, there’s enough space in the kitchen so we can put her stuff in one of the cabinets. It’s nice to be able to group it all in one area.

I used to have Mea’s leashes and poo bags in the hall closet, thinking it would be easier for us to grab and go. But we only ended up having to go from one place in the house to another for her stuff.

Putting it all in the cabinet is much more efficient and organized.

So, Mea’s area is in the cabinet below our tea drawer. This is the perfect spot so we can still grab and go since it’s the closest to the door.

This is what it looks like when you open the cabinet.

Simple Organization For Pet Supplies |

I really like that I can see everything and know exactly where her stuff goes.

The Door

First, on the door is a basket to hold her leashes and poo bags.

I really wanted to make these the most accessible since we use them multiple times a day to take her out.

We usually walk her 3-4 times a day, 2 long walks and 1-2 short ones. It’s important for her to get enough exercise, especially since we live in an apartment and don’t have a backyard for her to run around and get some sun.

I like to think keeping up with Mea’s exercise is why she’s still so spunky in her older age…shhh don’t tell her I said that hehe.

The basket I bought at TJ Maxx for $4. It came in a brown color so I just painted it white, exactly like I did with the baskets in my pantry.

Simple Organization For Pet Supplies |

Mea has 2 leashes. One is her harness, and the rope one is a training leash we bought a couple years back.

I’m also currently looking into some compostable poo bags so we can stop using the plastic ones. So if you have any suggestions of some good ones I’m all ears! 🙂

Paw Wipes, Clothes & Travel

Next, on the shelf are Mea’s paw wipes and spray.

The wipes are microfiber cloths I bought at the Dollar Tree. We hang the one we’re using on a command hook and for her paw spray I repurposed a glass bottle that my face toner comes in.

We wipe her paws after every walk so she doesn’t track any extra dirt in the house. It helps to keep our couches clean too since she does lay on them throughout the day.

Behind the spray is a basket with extra wipes and her travel bag.

Simple Organization For Pet Supplies

We just use this simple black bag to pack her stuff whenever we travel.

Under the bag are some of her clothes.

I don’t put too many clothes on her because Mea loves her birthday suit, but she’s got some sweaters for the winter.

The U of A onesie Eric bought when she was spayed to help keep her from itching. She doesn’t use it anymore, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to get rid of it yet. It still sparks joy! I don’t think Mea would agree though haha.

When we take her to the groomers they always put these cute little hankies on her.

Of course she doesn’t keep them on for long, but I like to keep them to donate to a no-kill animal rescue center.

These types of shelters don’t ever euthanize animals for overpopulation. They mostly seek foster families and volunteers to help care for the animals until they are adopted.

I love this idea so I try to support them by donating any of Mea’s clothes or toys she doesn’t use. Old towels, blankets, or any extra food are also helpful.

Food, Teeth & Health

Alrighty, so next to the paw spray is a tray that holds Mea’s food, oral care items, and some of her medications.

Simple Organization For Pet Supplies |

The tray is exactly like the one in my baking cabinet, and I also used a container similar to the one that holds our flour. Both items I purchased at Target.

Simple Organization For Pet Supplies |

Mea’s toothpaste and toothbrush are held in a little shot glass and sometimes I use coconut oil to brush her teeth too. I’ve had to brush them more often as she’s gotten older.

The vet told us that small breeds like Mea usually have teeth and gum issues, especially as they age.

The pink thinga-ma-bob is her Kong toy, that we fill up with some food.

Everything else in the tray are her medications. I do my best to heal what we can holistically, but honestly I’m not too confident in holistic pet care yet.

I don’t want to try something out that could jeopardize Mea’s safety and health. Last year was the most she’s ever gotten sick. We immediately sought help from her vet and she’s doing much better.

She’s got a lot of allergy problems and had severely dry eyes. We had to put drops in her eyes a couple times a day, and thankfully they’re back to normal.

She also ended up with an ear infection and we had to give her some drops for that too.

The vet prescribed her some allergy pills along with a special kibble diet. I’m so grateful both have helped her to feel better.

Behind the white tray is her tin for treats and extra food.

The treat tin I mostly use when we travel. If Mea gets treats I usually try to give her fresh fruits or vegetables like carrots and blueberries, which are her favorite.

Organized Pet Supplies

So there are Mea’s supplies, all organized and tidy.

I love that Mea knows this is her cabinet. When we open it she knows that it’s time for food.

Simple Organization For Pet Supplies |

Or a walk. Either way she’s happy. Isn’t she so darn smart and such a cutie patootie!

Simple Organization For Pet Supplies |
Simple Organization For Pet Supplies

I think Mea’s quite happy with a place for all her stuff and so are we.

I also forgot to mention that we do keep her toys in the living room in a basket. That way we can easily take them out when she wants to play.

Keeping it simple is my favorite way to organize, plus I think giving our pets a place for their stuff can help them to feel more at home and part of the family.

Have you organized your pets’ supplies? Where do you put them?

To an organized pet life!

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