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My Birth Story – Our Beautiful Baby was Born

There is nothing like the miracle of life. Our little one surprised us when she decided to make her way into this world, but it was the best surprise! This is my birth story.

One of my last posts I shared that I was pregnant. Well here we are February 2021, and our baby just turned one! I can’t believe it, but life just wouldn’t be that same without her.

In celebration of her first birthday, I wanted to share how she made her debut into this big world. I remember it like it was yesterday.

It was Wednesday, February 12th, 2020 and I was 39 weeks pregnant. I was still working, with only 2 days left before going on maternity leave.

False labor?

I woke up that morning not feeling well, like I might be coming down with a cold (this was just before the pandemic hit). But because I was feeling really tired and had a stuffy nose I decided to stay home and sleep.

Around 9:00 am I started feeling pain and tightness in my stomach and back. I remember learning and hearing so much about false labor and Braxton hicks so I figured that’s what it must be.

My stomach hadn’t dropped, from what I noticed, and there were no other signs that baby was coming. So, I went about my day, made myself a smoothie for breakfast and tried to sleep it off.

I laid on the couch and slept on and off throughout the day. By lunch time I was still feeling pain and tightness. I talked to Eric, my husband, and he seemed very worried. He asked “Should I come home from work, are you having surges??”

We had a doula come speak in one of our baby education classes and instead of contractions she called them “surges.” She said most of us associate contractions with pain, so changing up the word could help change the mindset. From then on, that’s what we decided to call them.

Despite my pain that came and went, I stayed calm and told him not to come home. I honestly thought it was false labor. From what we also learned in our classes, they said I wouldn’t be able to breath through the pain when it was “real” contractions, that I would have to focus my breath to work through the pain. I was still breathing through them and figured they would go away as the day went on.

Photo taken by Bella Baby

No Appetite

I made myself some macaroni and cheese for lunch but couldn’t eat much. I didn’t really have an appetite, so instead I did my best to stay hydrated and took another nap.

When the time came for Eric to get off work, he called and said “Hey they asked me to work a couple extra hours. Should I come home or is it ok to stay?”

I was still having pain about every 15 minutes or so but it didn’t seem to be increasing. The pain was mostly in my back, so again I told him not to worry that it was ok if he worked longer.

Finally, later that evening Eric picked us up some dinner on his way home from work. He got home around 7:00 pm and it was at this time that my pain felt like it was increasing. I wasn’t able to eat at all.

Back Rubs

The one thing that helped to ease my pain and get through the surges was Eric rubbing my lower back and me leaning forward.

Eric said “I think you’re in labor babe.” But still I said no, I don’t think it’s real labor. Ya I was definitely in denial at this point, I didn’t think my little one was ready to come! I sure wasn’t ready.

As the night went on my pain continued, all I did was focus and work through each surge. I would tell Eric “my back, my back, my back!” And he’d quickly come rub it for me while I focused on my breathing.

I told him I wanted to try to lay down and sleep to see if that would help. It didn’t. Things only felt worse when I laid down, so Eric suggested a warm shower.

As soon as I stepped into the warm shower and the water hit my back, I was in heaven. I could’ve stayed there all night. It helped so much. I just leaned over and let the water hit my lower back.

I kept thinking to myself, man I don’t remember them saying anything about how much your back would hurt.

After a nice long shower, I felt a little more at ease and tried to lay down again. Poor Eric was exhausted. He’d worked 10 hours that day so as soon as he hit the pillow, he was out.

Photo taken by Baby Bella

It’s Confirmed

I tossed and turned, sat up and laid down so many times. The pain was worse every time I laid down, and I just couldn’t get comfortable. I was doing my best not to wake Eric up because I wanted him to sleep. But I was moving so much he woke up anyway.

By this time it was midnight and Eric made an executive decision. He said “Look babe you’ve been having surges all day, it’s not going away, and it seems to be getting worse. We’ve done all we can and I really think you’re in labor so we need to call the midwife.”

I agreed to call, but told him we should time my surges first. So we did, and they were about every 3-5 minutes.

Eric called the midwife and explained what was going on. He got off the phone and said “Ya you’re in labor. The midwife suggested we wait until your surges get closer together, and labor a little longer at home. Then when we head to the hospital to call and let her know.”

Yup, I really think I had pregnancy brain or something because I was shocked she said I was in labor. I knew my water breaking wasn’t a necessary sign for labor from what we’d learned, but there are other things called a mucus plug and bloody show that also happen when you go into labor. You can read more about that here if you’re interested.

Nothing else was happening! Although when I looked in the mirror my stomach looked a lot lower then it did that morning.

Laboring At Home

Luckily we had already set up the crib in our room, next to my side of the bed. So each time a surge came on, I used the crib to help me lean over to relieve some pain and Eric would rub my back.

I didn’t want to be massaged anywhere else just my lower back because that’s what helped me the most.

I had my suitcase mostly packed with a list I made on my phone. So Eric finished packing up our bags and called my Mom.

My Mom was just as shocked as I was, because the whole time I was pregnant I told her I really felt baby would be born after 40 weeks. She said her and my stepdad would be on their way as soon as they could.

We called my Mom right away because they live 1 1/2 hours away, so it was going to take them time to get to the hospital.

Prepping For Birth

To work through my surges I continued focusing on my breath. Eric rubbed my back as much as he could, and sometimes I would stand up then sit down.

I walked around the house a few times to help keep blood flowing through my legs. Whatever felt best with each surge is what I did. Listening to my body was number one. I also drank water the whole time.

At one point, we tried to go outside for some fresh air and a small walk but it wasn’t a good idea. I didn’t feel good walking so right back inside we went.

I always knew I wanted to do all I could to have a natural birth, so Eric and I prepared from the start. One of the things that helped me so much was preparing not only my body, but also my mind and spirit.

We went to the educational classes offered by the midwives I saw throughout my pregnancy and we learned so much! We also chose to purchase Mama Natural’s birth course, rather then attend regular birthing classes.

I feel this was one of the best decisions because when you purchase the course they send you a package with a few things. One of the items is a pack of affirmation cards. The cards are filled with positive thoughts and inspiring words.

I went through those cards as often as I could when I was pregnant, and read the ones that meant the most to me.

So, while I was laboring at home I reread the cards. One of them said “My body was designed to do this.” I did my best not to think of my fear or the pain, but to keep myself as calm as possible.

Heading To The Hospital

Around 3:00 am Eric said he felt it was time to go to the hospital. I really wanted to stay home a bit longer, but he insisted. So I agreed.

My goal was to labor at home as long as I could so I wouldn’t have to be at the hospital so long. Eric’s goal was to keep baby and I safe. He didn’t want me giving birth without help, or in the car.

Since we worked together throughout my pregnancy and planned my natural birth as a partnership I fully trusted his decisions. He was there with me every step of the way.

He read as much information as he could, watched videos with me, and learned how to be the best birthing partner. I didn’t have a doula, but I was actually happy we didn’t get one. I had Eric, my partner who truly made me feel supported and loved. That’s all I needed.

Which was good because as you can see I was being very stubborn hehe.

So Eric loaded our bags into the car. Then we slowly loaded me and the extra 25 pounds of belly I was carrying around. It was a good call to head to the hospital, because we live on the second floor of our apartment building and I could barely make it down the 2 flights of stairs.

It took time but we made it. While driving to the hospital Eric called the midwife and my Mom. My parents were also on the road headed to the hospital. Poor Mom, I think that’s the fastest she’s ever packed a bag!

Photo taken by Baby Bella

3:30 am

When we got to the hospital everything was closed so we had to slowly walk from the parking lot, through the lobby, to the elevators, and finally made it to the 3rd floor (labor and delivery).

I later found out we were supposed to go through the Emergency Room and they would’ve wheeled me upstairs. That would’ve been helpful.

I had to pause and lean on Eric with each surge, and breath as best as I could. I remember it being so cold outside. My body was shaking and I wasn’t sure if it was from my surges or from the cold air.

By this time I was feeling a lot of pressure in my pelvic area and still having a lot of back pain. Walking was really uncomfortable. I’m so thankful that Eric was very patient with me, and slowly but surely we made it to the 3rd floor.

Since Eric called ahead, they were waiting for us. When we checked in we had to sign a couple of papers…can’t tell you what they were for, I don’t remember. I was in the middle of a surge, trying to breath and I remember looking down. On the counter was a clock that read 3:30am on the dot.

I was thinking how crazy we’re here right at 3:30, because it felt like an hour walking from the damn parking lot.


They took us into a triage room so a nurse could assess baby and I. This part was awful because I had to lay down for her to get baby’s heart rate and it was so painful in my back. It nearly took my breath away.

Eric took my hand and asked if I was ok. I remember the look on his face, he was wishing he could help me in some way. It was sweetest look and despite my pain I felt so much comfort having him by my side.

While doing my assessment, the nurse was a little concerned with baby’s heart rate so she said she was going to get the midwife to take a look.

She also told me I was 6 cm dilated. Eric was like great job babe! Me being the overachiever that I am, was a little upset. I was really hoping she was going to say 9 cm.

Eric was like “If it was 9 we really wouldn’t have made it down the stairs or across the parking lot. 6 cm is really good.”

He was right of course.

They also needed a urine sample, so I waddled my way to the restroom. Can we just talk for a second about how low hospital toilets are? Man, sitting down and getting up from that thing was seriously a task!

Easing My Concerns

I was still concerned at this point that not much else seemed to be happening. My water hadn’t broken, no bloody show, nothing. When the nurse came back into the room I talked to her about my concerns and she calmly assured me that every birth is different, and that sometimes things happen all at once or more slowly. She said that we would just let my body do what it needed.

That was nice to hear and when the midwife walked in she said the same thing.

Photo taken by Baby Bella

Back Labor

I am so grateful that my midwife was experienced and calming. She looked at the monitor, then asked if I’d been having back pain. I said “YES!”

That’s when she told me baby was positioned the opposite way of what they normally are. This is called back labor.

Babies are normally born face down. When they are positioned with their face up it’s very painful because their head is in the back of the pelvis causing pain in the back. It is possible to give birth this way, but it is more painful.

In that moment I told myself, “Ok this labor is going to be more painful then I thought, but that’s ok as long as my baby is healthy. I’ll take more pain over a C-section.”

Our little one had been in a good position throughout my pregnancy, so she must’ve done some somersaults the night before and flipped over one me. She’s just been full of surprises, even before she was born, my little adventurer.

Immediately my midwife started working on getting baby turned. She was determined for me to have a better labor. Another thing I was so thankful for. She had me sit up in bed and every time a surge came on, I had to lean as far forward as I could, past my belly.

This was so painful because it put even more pressure on my back. But she told me that when I’m uncomfortable, baby’s uncomfortable and we really wanted to get baby to turn. So I did what she suggested as best I could.

Eric was right there holding my hand, rubbing my back, and reminding me to breathe.

The Delivery Room

When we first got to the hospital I asked if they had a room available with a tub, because I felt it would really help my pain, if I could sit in warm water.

They said unfortunately there weren’t any but I could have a room with a shower. I said “Yes please, I’ll take what I can get!”

Well things worked out because right before they were going to take us to the delivery room, a room with a tub opened up. I was so happy.

While heading to the delivery room, my mom called. They made it to the hospital! Eric was gona help get me settled in the room, then go out to get my Mom so she could be in the room with us.

As soon as we walked into the delivery room, I had to use the restroom. Eric and my nurse helped get me sit down on the toilet that felt like it was on the floor.

My midwife came in and asked if I was still having back pain. I told her I was. She had me turn towards the wall while still sitting on the toilet and lean forward with every surge.

That was so hard to do and extremely painful. I wanted to ease my pain, not make it worse. But I did what she told me. A better labor meant a healthy baby in my mind, and that’s what was important.

Moving Right Along

After a few surges, while I was trying to stand up from the toilet, I suddenly heard a small pop. I looked into the toilet…bloody show. Hallelujah! My body was doing what it was supposed to.

Good thing Eric and I learned about it, otherwise I think we would’ve both freaked out. But we both looked and he calmly said, “There it is babe. It’s happening, everything is gona be ok.”

It was that moment that I told myself, “Ok things are moving along, this is really happening.” My nurse was like, “See, you’re doing great.” And gave me a smile.

It helped me to feel calm.

Photo taken by Baby Bella

Laboring In The Tub

Eric helped me waddle from the bathroom to the tub that sat against the wall, behind the hospital bed. As soon as I stepped into that warm water I felt so good, and for a moment the pain was gone.

Just as I was about to sit in the tub…my water broke! The nurse was right, sometimes things happen one after the other. That’s exactly how it was for me.

I sat in the tub telling myself, “Ok we can do this.”

Poor Eric, every time he tried to step out to get my Mom another surge would come on, and I’d need him to rub my back.

Our nurse was so kind, she offered to get my Mom so Eric wouldn’t have to go.

When my Mom walked in she was excited, and I also think a little nervous. She didn’t know what kind of pain I would be in when she saw me, and still a little shocked that I was in labor. It felt so sudden, but baby was ready.

Trusting My Body

Once I was in the tub, I felt like I was in a daze, yet calm at the same time.

The lights were dim in the room, everyone left to let my body do it’s thing. I sat in the tub focusing on my breathing and reciting the inspiration cards in my head.

I kept telling myself my body was made to do this, to trust it, and that I was supported and loved.

Eric and my Mom tried rubbing my shoulders and back, but at that point I didn’t want to be touched. The water was what felt best.

While Eric caught my Mom up with the whole day, I bobbed in the tub. I didn’t know if baby had moved or not so I just kept rubbing my stomach in a clockwise motion. It felt good and it felt like the right thing to do.

In my head I said, “Alright little one, we’re in this together. You’re on your way out, but before you get here we’ve gota get through this part first. I love you so much and I cannot wait to meet you.”

A Calm State

My back pain wasn’t nearly as intense in the water, but my surges were more constant at this point.

The nurse told me for safety reasons I wasn’t able to give birth in the tub so I needed to tell her when I felt I really needed to push.

I closed my eyes. I was so tired, and a little relaxed just sitting in the tub.

In between surges I fell asleep. I wanted to save my energy for what I knew was coming next.

I kept my hands on the edge of the tub to keep me from falling into the water because I was in and out of sleep.

The room was calm and quiet. I could hear faint whispers from Eric and my Mom talking. They would check on me every so often, I just remember I would motion with my hands that I was ok. I didn’t want to talk much. Mentally and spiritually I was in a zone, I had prepared so long for this moment.

I thanked God for blessing me with a baby, I thanked Him for the room I was in, for my parents making it on time, for carrying me through up to this moment.

I thanked Him for Eric, and I prayed that no matter what happened, our baby was born healthy and safe.

My Birth Story - Our Beautiful Baby Was Born |

10 cm

I wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but suddenly I felt this urge to push. It was a feeling that I couldn’t hold back. But I waited a for a few surges to pass before saying anything.

I did think about pushing right then and there. I was in the zone why did I have to move?

But I didn’t want to put my baby at risk or make things harder for my nurse or midwife who had been so good to me. So when the nurse walked in I told her I needed to push.

Eric and the nurse helped me out of the tub. It was so painful stepping out. I could’ve squatted and pushed right then and there.

Once I reached the bed, I had to lay down so the nurse could check me. Ugh I hated laying down so much, it was so painful.

After a quick check, I was ready! 10 cm dilated. The nurse had a strange look on her face, then she told me we were going to do a couple practice pushes to see how much control I had with baby.

2 pushes and she was like, “Oh ya you’ve got control, and baby is coming.”

We all knew I couldn’t hold off pushing, baby was coming. I was about to give birth!

Birthing Drama

I think when any babies make their debut, it’s not without a little drama or craziness. It just so happened that a woman gave birth in her car while on the way to the hospital.

They arrived at the hospital a little bit before I was ready to push. So the look on the nurses face was because my midwife was helping in the other room, but my baby was coming too.

We didn’t find this out until after of course, and I never felt rushed. But my poor midwife, she could’ve really used an extra set of hands that night.

After the nurse left to get my midwife I sat up in bed. I just couldn’t take the pain laying down. It was not working for me and causing more pain.

The nurse came back in and tried getting me to lay back down so she could get baby’s heart rate. I just couldn’t do it, laying down was not an option.

This was the only fight I gave my nurse. She worked with me and said I could sit up and she would stand next to me to hold the monitor so they could still track baby’s heart rate.

Baby’s Coming!

Not even a minute later my midwife walked in and checked me. She said, “Yup, baby’s coming! And she moved positions.”

That was music to my ears.

Eric was right by my side the whole time. He was talking to me telling me how strong I was, that I could do this, and that soon we would get to meet our beautiful baby.

He reminded me to focus on my breathing, and still, the whole time I stayed hydrated drinking lots of water.

My Mom, with her warm hands, was rubbing my arms and legs. I remember her saying how proud of me she was, that this was the calmest birth she’d ever been to, and that she knew I could do it.

Just before I was getting ready to push, another nurse walked in that was going to help with baby once he or she came out. We decided not to find out the gender so it was still a surprise.

The nurse also had a student nurse with her. They asked permission for her to stay for the birth. I said, “Of course.” I think it’s important for everyone to have the opportunity to learn, so I didn’t mind if my birth became a teaching moment.

Birthing Partner

I started pushing when my midwife told me to. She said not to fight my body, to give into the pain, and flow with each surge. She also reminded me that each push brought me closer to my baby.

Eric was holding my right leg and my delivery nurse was holding my left leg. Even though Eric was below me, he kept looking up at me.

He would tell me when to breath, when it was time to push again, and kept saying how strong I was. The best birthing partner I could ever ask for.

I fully trusted Eric and my midwife, so I just listened and did what they said. We were all working as a team. My Mom was also by my side giving me water when I asked for it, and telling me I was doing great.

Photo taken by Baby Bella

Ring Of Fire

When you’re pushing through surges the baby’s head bobs in and out, and they slowly make their way down the birth canal with each push.

I tried to picture this while I pushed to help me focus.

I was in so much pain, but I didn’t want to rush baby out. It was a process, and I knew that.

There is also something called the ring of fire that you can feel when pushing a baby out.

The pain is so intense, it feels as if things are on fire down there. Very painful, especially when you can feel it all happening. This may not be the same for every woman, but that’s how it felt for me.

Eric and I prepared so well, and learned all of this. It’s the only reason I knew what was going on with my body throughout this whole laboring process.

But I knew once I felt that ring of fire, it wasn’t time to give up because it meant baby was right there, just about to come out.

Everyone was so excited telling me to push. I felt that ring of fire and my midwife said, “This is it, push past that ring of fire!”

I pushed with all I had and said, “Fuuuuck this hurts!”


Baby was out!

Beautiful Baby Girl

As soon as my baby came out I grabbed her from my midwife and held her close to my chest. I was so in love and emotional. All I wanted to do was hold my baby.

I was so much in the moment I didn’t even realize if it was a boy or girl. My midwife said for a second time, “It’s a girl!”

Eric was crying, my Mom was crying. I looked down at my beautiful baby and I cried too. As Eric kissed my head he said, “Ok babe, what’s her name gona be?”

We had 2 names picked out if we had a girl…Luna or Olivia.

I looked down at her and with no hesitation I said, “She’s definitely an Olivia. Her name is Olivia.” I asked Eric if he agreed and he said “Yes!”

Having lost all track of time once we left triage, my midwife brought me up to speed. I started pushing at exactly 7:00 am, so I was in labor for 22 hours from the morning before. I pushed for about 20 minutes. Olivia was born at 7:20 am, Thursday, February 13, 2020. She weighed 7.5 pounds and was 19.5 inches long.

My midwife waited to cut the umbilical cord once it stopped pulsing, because this gives baby the most benefits from the placenta after they’re born. Eric got to cut the cord, such a Dad moment for him.

My Birth Story - Our Beautiful Baby Was Born |
Photo taken by Baby Bella

Delivering The Placenta

While we oohed and ahhed over Olivia, my midwife felt my stomach to see if my body was ready to deliver the placenta. It was, so she helped me deliver it then checked how I was downstairs.

I had a 2nd degree tear (that’s a whole other story). So she stitched me up and explained how my healing process should be for the next 6 weeks.

Delivering the placenta wasn’t bad, but the stitches were very painful and uncomfortable. I couldn’t wait for that part to be over.

Before they took it away, my midwife let Eric and I see the placenta. That thing is freaky looking! It was flat and oddly shaped, so crazy that’s what also grows in your body for 9 months too.

Golden Hour

For a brief moment the nurses took Olivia to weigh, measure, and get her foot prints. Eric also got to put her first diaper on. It was so teeny tiny.

We waited to give baby a bath because studies have actually shown the vernix (what baby is covered in when they’re born) can help improve their immune system and has many other benefits if left on baby at least 24 hours after they’re born. Olivia didn’t get her first bath until 9:00 pm the next day, and we were totally ok with that.

Before I knew it she was back in my arms

Our hospital has what they call the “Golden Hour.” This is where they leave baby on mom’s chest to do skin to skin, and let you bond for an hour. They say an hour but really the nurses give you about 2 hours.

Time alone to bond with baby, soak it all in, and help baby get their first latch if you’re breastfeeding. This was such a special moment.

I couldn’t stop staring at our girl, stroking her hair, just taking it all in. I couldn’t believe she was here.

A nurse came in to help me with the first latch. I thought it went pretty well and she said not to worry too much because baby would be very sleepy the first 24 hours.

Room With A View

Next, my Mom brought my Stepdad in to see us. Poor Pops he had to wait the whole time. I was very grateful he was there though.

My parents asked what I wanted to eat because I was very vocal about how hungry I was. Finally, my appetite was back!

I asked for pancakes and eggs from Village Inn. That had been my craving throughout my whole pregnancy, it had to be from Village Inn.

Once everyone left, it was just Eric and I. He kissed me and told me how proud he was of me, and just in awe of how well I did.

I never screamed at him, never really said much, just listened and focused. He held Olivia for a little bit too, and they bonded while I shared the news with our family.

Once our golden time was up, they wheeled us across the hall to our own room. It was so spacious, calm, and had a beautiful view of the city with lots of natural light.

While Olivia slept in her little hospital bassinet, Eric laid next to me in bed and just hugged me. We all fell asleep for a bit, then my parents came back with pancakes. Yes!

Jaundice and Breastfeeding

Olivia’s pediatrician came in to examine her and said she had jaundice.

This is when baby’s skin is yellow due to too much bilirubin in their blood. Their liver hasn’t matured enough to excrete it from their body yet. The doctor and nurses said this is pretty common for newborn babies.

I was so sad because if she wasn’t breastfeeding, then she had to be in her bassinet under a bilirubin blanket to help with the jaundice. She was not happy about this at all and was so fussy under the blanket. It was tough having her laying there crying, so we did our best to put her to sleep before laying her under the blanket.

Aside from Olivia’s jaundice, I also wanted more help with breastfeeding because I was having a lot of trouble with latching. So we stayed 2 days in the hospital.

My parents were so sweet they stayed the weekend to help take care of Mea (our dog) at home. My Mom cleaned up the house for me. The untouched dinner plate and half eaten bowl of mac and cheese were still sitting on the counter, along with who knows what else.

Going Home

We were discharged around 1:00 pm on February 15, 2020. As we headed home, I was so nervous. I thought Liv was going to cry and hate the car.

She ended up loving the car and fell right to sleep once we started driving. To this day she loves falling asleep in the car.

Eric and I drove home, still in shock that we were taking our daughter home. Naturally as new parents, we were scared shitless. Excuse my french but hey, it’s the truth!

We got home on Saturday, my parents left that Sunday because they had to head home for some doctor appointments, and it was just us. When Monday came around Eric had to go back to work because he’d just started a new job and didn’t have any time off.

So the first 2 weeks I was home alone with my brand new baby girl.

I felt so scared, so vulnerable, and uncertain about so many things. Could I do this? What if God made a mistake and I wasn’t meant to be a mom? What if I made a mistake and something happened to my baby.

Yet, at the same time I was so happy and thankful that my baby was finally in my arms. I finally got to meet this beautiful little person that I helped create.

Olivia and I got through each day together, and all the other days after that. We share this bond that is so special, and I just love her so much.

Portrait taken by Lex Lisette Photos

The Miracle Of Life Can Be Messy

Giving birth can be messy and there are so many grubby details that we don’t talk about. Maybe because we’re just in love with baby so much, or maybe because it can be scary and we want to forget those details.

But for me, looking back at all those messy details is part of what made it so special. It was traumatic at times, scary and painful but the gift we received after it was all over made it all worth it.

I prayed for a baby for so long, and yes it may sound cheesy but every time I look at her I think wow, God kept his promise that life is worth living when we push past the hard stuff.

Life is not perfect and we’ve had many challenges as new parents in Olivia’s first year of life, especially facing a pandemic and learning to trust our instincts in doing what’s best for her.

There have been many hi’s, many low’s, and not much sleep but my little Olivia is so worth it.

I’m excited to see her flourish, and though she may be little, she’s got this beaming personality with the brightest smile.

My birth was perfectly imperfect, and I can’t wait to tell Olivia when she gets older…the story of how she made her grand entrance. It sure was an adventure.

If you’re a parent, what’s the story of how your baby or babies were born? Feel free to share your birth story in the comments below.

To the miracle of life, and all that comes with it.

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