Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

Meet Mea – The Chipoo With The Biggest Personality

The unconditional love and loyalty that a dog can give is both amazing and inspiring. Sometimes we see our dogs as lucky for the lives they live. But I think we are just as lucky to have been loved by them. This is Mea’s story and the unconditional love she has given since the day we brought her home.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

Mea has been with me for a little over 12 years now and we have shared so many ups and downs together. Among the many adventures she has never left my side and has taught me the meaning of true love.

The Beginning

It all began when I was 18, yes I was a “teen mom” hehe. For Christmas that year, my Mom decided to get me a dog. I had been wanting one for a while and I guess she felt it was time.

Mom was very clear that this dog would be mine. Meaning I was responsible for EVERYTHING from picking up after it, to taking it to the vet, and everything in between. I said Ok! I’m ready.

We had always had dogs when I was growing up. But honestly a lot of the responsibility fell on Mom to take care of them.

So this time around my Mom retired herself of dog duties and it was up to me to take care of.

My Mom’s friend from work had a dog that had puppies about a month before Christmas and they all needed homes. He invited us to his house so I could see the puppies and pick one out.

Mea was born on November 11, 2006.

Mea’s dad is a Chihuahua and her mom is a Poodle. Two breeds which I’ve read, are very smart and can be stubborn, but are extremely loyal. I think Mea’s looks and personality are a mix of both.

I remember when I first saw Mea I knew she was the puppy for me. She was mostly black with a few white patches under her neck and on her paws. She was so tiny but absolutely perfect.

First Few Weeks

Once the 6-week mark passed I was more than ready to go pick up my baby. I bought a little kennel for her and a little pink bed. My best friend and I went to pick her up. Mea was so small she didn’t even fill up half the bed I bought her.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

Fun fact: Mea’s full name is actually Mea’Ono. That’s why I spell it with an E. It’s Hawaiian, meaning cookie or something sweet. I picked out her name weeks before because I wanted it to be something cute and special, just like her. Although she can be a sour patch kid sometimes…first she’s sour then she’s sweet haha.

She cried so much the first few weeks. I felt so bad, I wondered if I should take her back thinking maybe she missed her other mom and siblings. But then I remembered my Mom’s friend saying they wanted to get rid of all the puppies, so there was a chance she would go to another home.

I didn’t want that to happen. So I cuddled her, and gave her as much love as I could. I slept on the living room floor with her for the first few weeks so she wouldn’t cry at night.

This time was rough because I was not as prepared to care for a dog like I initially thought. Puppies take a lot of time, patience, love, and care. The amount of time was something I definitely was not ready for.

It was hard because I was 18 wanted to go with my friends and hang out. But my Mom would remind me I had to stay home with Mea because I had to watch her so she wouldn’t pee in the house or chew on things.

She was just like a baby!

Puppy Years

Her puppy years were quite fun. But also a little stressful at times.

Potty training was the biggest hurdle. She was sooo stubborn it took me nearly a year! Part of that was me not knowing what I was doing either.

But once she got the hang of it things were mostly smooth sailing from there. She’s so good about letting us know when she needs to go out. And if you don’t pay attention she’ll sit right in front of you and just stare, it really works.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

She would also chew on everything! I lost shirts, bras, socks, shoes, and even a pack of gum due to her “chewing” addiction.

When the gum incident happened I left my purse on my bed one day and she got into it. Next thing I know there’s gum wrappers leading under the bed next to Mea chewing something minty.

Thankfully she didn’t get sick. She has a pretty strong stomach and immune system.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

One time my parents bought a brand new wooden table and she started chewing the bottom of the chairs…that was fun. Thanks Mea.

Her Personality

Mea has always been a ball of energy. Once she was comfortable, she totally grew her own little personality. Being chased and running around the house has always been one of her favorite things to do.

And she has always been obsessed with blankets. To this day, when I put them in the washer she freaks out because I’m taking her blankies.

One of the funniest things are her sleeping positions. She cracks us up all the time.

She sleeps behind my back, literally.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

Under my legs.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

Of course we can’t forget the one leg out.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

I think the one leg out might be her favorite.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

Then there are times we find her like this haha.

For a good smile we just have to watch Mea sleep it never disappoints.

Some Hiccups

We have had some discipline issues, such as barking at everything that moves outside. Because again, I didn’t really know what I was doing and didn’t know how to properly train her. But it helped when I met Eric.

He’s gotten her in shape and listening better. He says I’ve just spoiled her too much. Which is probably true, but I’ve been working on that.

Mea wasn’t sure about Eric when he first came around however, now their love has grown too. They fight but couldn’t live without one another. They’re always falling asleep next to each other.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

And overall, she is such a good dog.

As She’s Grown

Her looks changed a lot from when she was a puppy. We keep her hair short and that’s when she looks more like a chihuahua. But when it grows, a lot of people think she is a Schnauzer. And when her fur is longer it gets curly like a Poodle. It’s so funny how much they can change.

As Mea grows older, our bond grows stronger. I know her like the back of my hand and she knows me too.

Best Friends

She’s been there when I’ve lost loved ones and have had the darkest of days. When I cry she comes and sits next to me and licks my arm. It’s her way of comforting me. She’s one of my best friends.

When I have bad days, she comes to greet me at the door every time. So excited just to see me, it always puts a smile on my face. Her love is unconditional and she has taught me how to love that much more.

Now that Mea is 12 going on 13 she is still a bubble of energy and I’m so thankful for that. She does take a few more naps, but she still loves to eat and run around.

She is not shy about letting you know she wants your attention. She’ll just crawl on your lap and right under your hand. If she’s not in the mood and wants to be left alone, she goes to another part of the couch and lays out. Hey dogs need space too.

And when she’s in need of some extra lovin’ because she isn’t feeling well, she gives me this look and I just know.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

Life wouldn’t be the same without my Mea and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Our family isn’t complete without her and honestly I think it’d probably be a bit boring because she still keeps us on our toes.

Years To Come

I am grateful for each year that we have with her and pray for more to come. Being blessed with a love like Mea’s has made a world of difference in my life and I only hope I have done my best to give her the life she deserves.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

Her lovable energy gives me a sense that I’m on the right track.

We were both young and didn’t know what we were doing when I first brought her home. But we have grown and learned so much together. I feel so honored to be Mea’s mom.

Meet Mea - The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality
Meet Mea – The Chi-Poo With The Biggest Personality

So that is Mea’s story and how it all got started. Thanks to my Mom, we got to have one of the greatest gifts in our lives.

Do you have any pets? What’s the story of how you got your pet? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

To many more years with the animals that fill our hearts with joy!

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  • J

    I love y’all’s story! I have a Chi-poo named Mia Bella. She is blonde, but otherwise sounds much like Mea. I am very grateful for my little Mia. She turns 2 on 4/20/21. She is my world. We adopted her 3 months after my 16 year old cocker spaniel passed away (she was 4 days shy of her 16th birthday, which was April Fools Day). Her name was Harley and she was also black with white tipped paws and chin and grew into a tuxedo stripe. I adopted her when I was 18 so I understand the journey of turning 18, getting a dog and navigating through the unknown, together. After both Harley and my other pup passed, I never thought I could love another dog again. Like I was betraying them. But one day it became hard to live without that special love and I realized I had a gaping hole in my heart that only a pup could fill. dog-human love is a magical bond. So I hoped, reincarnation is real and my two pups would come back to me in their next life. Like, A Dogs Purpose. And you know, I think I got my wish along with bonus awesome new traits. I can see my other two in Mia, and yet her own fierce personality shines throug, too. My pups give me purpose everyday and for that I am sincerely grateful. There are many days I wouldn’t be able to get out of bed without them.
    I hope you and Mea are well. Big hugs to you both.

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