Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |
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Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas

Modified on April 12, 2019

Do you feel like your kitchen could use a little organization refresh? Today, I offer you some simple ideas to help keep things organized.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |
Kitchen Cabinet Organization – Simple Organizing Ideas

Don’t you just love an organized kitchen? I know I do. The kitchen is one of my favorite places to organize. Since I have minimized the amount of things that we keep, it’s been fairly easy to keep it organized. I think especially in smaller spaces this can sometimes be a challenge, but it’s possible!

I wanted to share with you some simple and budget-friendly ways I have been able to achieve this. This is including tupperware lids! Ya you know what I’m talking about, those darn lids that seem impossible to keep track of. Just like socks, they always get lost. But, I have a solution that I’m excited to show you.

You will also get to see how I store all of my zero waste items.

So, the way our kitchen is set up, as you can see in the photo, we have cabinets above and one below. As well as some drawers.

Then, across from the stove is a long island where our sink and dishwasher are located. There are some cabinets on that side as well.

This is the biggest kitchen we’ve ever had and I love it! The bigger the kitchen means more space, which is nice. It can be a little hard when you’re renting because each place has it’s own set up of cabinets. Even the drawer sizes are different, so you have to learn to be adaptable.

First, we’re going to start with the top cabinets, then work our way down and across to the other side by the sink.

Let’s jump right in!

Top Cabinets


Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

Starting from the left, is the cup and glassware cabinet.

The way I like to organize my cabinets is putting things we reach for the least at the top. Items that are used daily are at the bottom. And storing similar items together.

The bottom shelf is all of our glass cups. Second shelf is glassware for food storage. The orange thing that you see behind the small bowls is a juicer I use to make fresh orange juice with breakfast on the weekends. We bought it at HomeGoods for about $5. Such a great price and it’s glass too! They sell something similar at Bed Bath and Beyond if you’d like to get one.

The shelf raiser, I also found at HomeGoods. I believe it was about $8. Even when buying things for organization I like to be mindful of the material. This was perfect because it is a steel material. Yay for no plastic!

On the top shelf is our popcorn bucket that my parents gave us for Christmas. It’s for our movie nights, which we have a lot of. Netflix marathon yes please! Such a great idea, my Mom filled it with our favorite snacks. Those didn’t last long but I love our bucket.

Next to that is some extra tupperware I like to use for freezing food, and some from my parent’s house. We always have each other’s tupperware. They jump from house to house. Our tradition is if someone gives you something in a container, you send it back with something else in it. It’s like a thank you for sharing food.

These containers came to my house over Christmas because we had so many leftovers. I’ll send them back to my parent’s house with something yummy the next time we go over.


Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

The middle cabinets are just above the microwave. I read somewhere that it isn’t always good to store oil and spices in this top cabinet because the oil can get rancid and the spices stale. So I decided to change it up. The magazine holder, I got at the Target $1 spot, no surprise there. It is also a metal material. It holds all of our appliance paperwork, as well as small appliance manuals and our juicing book.

Next to that are drink pitchers and on the other side I like to keep some extra vases for flowers. You know whenever Eric likes to surprise me with some, I’m prepared hehe.

The empty space is where our big tea jar goes, but it’s being used and in the fridge at the moment. I like to keep this cabinet as minimal as possible because it’s the hardest for me to reach. The cabinet is lower but it’s deep and things somehow slide all the way to the back.

I haven’t had any issues with the glass being above the microwave and I have kept an eye on the temperature in the cabinet. Everything works great and I’m happy I changed up this space.


Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

This is my favorite cabinet to look at…I know I’m weird. But it’s just so pretty and colorful!

On the bottom shelf, the divider is again from HomeGoods and I believe the price was $6. It holds our dinner plates, salad plates, and above the plates are some large ramekins. I use those for oatmeal and a homemade pot pie I like to make.

The large white bowls are serving bowls, but we like to use them for pasta and soups. I purchased both the ramekins and serving bowls at Target. You can find them here and here.

The middle shelf houses some more glassware for food storage. We sometimes use them for soup as well. And next to those are our smaller colorful bowls.

The top shelf is where I keep the lids for our pots and pans. I would’ve liked to have kept them down below with the pots, but there isn’t enough room. This spot works out though because I like that they’re organized to where I can easily see and grab the size I need.

The organizer holding the lids I’ve had for a very long time. I think I may have purchased it at Walmart. But you can find some at HomeGoods and other places for a good price too.

I did a kitchen clean out when we first moved into this apartment almost a couple years ago, and I happily kept this organizer because the material is steel. I was like go me! for buying it and not even knowing.

Next to the lids is my handy dandy recipe book.

Above The Fridge

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

I love the cabinet size above our fridge because it’s perfect for organizing all my baking stuff. Here I store baking trays, cooling racks, pizza trays, and muffin tins. As well as cake and bread pans, my hand mixer and holiday trays.

The non-baking items would be the cutting boards, recipe book holder, and extra lids for my glass baking trays. This was the best place to fit them all, again due to cabinet size.

The metal organizer I initially bought for my pans, but it didn’t fit so I use it here instead. You can stand it up right or lay it flat like I’ve done here. They have one similar on Amazon for $20.

And check out my hefty rolling pin. Ya I’m a serious baker haha. I use a mason jar to keep my cupcake liners organized. Once these liners run out, I’m going to look into buying some reusable ones to add to my zero waste collection.

In the far back is a cupcake holder and some more holiday stuff.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

Now, on to the lower cabinet.

Lower Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

This is the cabinet where I store all of our pots and pans. We definitely keep these at a minimum. One, because of the space, and two, because I like to only keep what we need.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

The colorful things that you see between the pans are to keep them from getting scratched. I found these at TJ Maxx. They have something similar at Bed Bath and Beyond. I think the ones at TJ Maxx were a couple dollars cheaper for 3, and they come in different sizes.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

If you do find them at TJ Maxx I would recommend grabbing them right then and there. These things fly off the shelf. I bought one set, then went back for another the next day. They were gone! I had to wait a while before getting a second set.

Moving on to the bottom shelf, is our regular old joe shmoe toaster. Nothin fancy, and our two strainers. I also have the big tupperware used to freeze food, down here because it’s too wide for the top cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

See what I mean about cabinet sizes, it’d nice if there was a universal size. Like a one size fits all kind of thing sheesh.

Anywho, on to the drawers.


Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

Most of my cooking utensils stay on the countertop next to the stove. This is for easy access and to free up space in the drawers.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

First, is the top drawer where we keep all of our utensils. Along with straws, measuring cups and spoons, can opener, and other items that we use often. The clear cup next to the can opener is for our diffuser.

The bamboo utensil organizer came from Target for a price of $13.

Next, is the second drawer which holds our knives, glass measuring cup, and other miscellaneous kitchen gadgets.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

The knife holder I also found at TJ Maxx for $15, I was so excited for this. I just think it looks so cool!

Then, is the third drawer has some wraps, snack bags, and oven mitts.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

The blue block you see is a whetstone to sharpen our knives. Did I mention I’m a pretty serious Chef too? Ya it’s cool…just kidding! I bought this a few months ago and I’m still learning how to use it. I hope to be a Chef in my next lifetime though.

Finally, is the last drawer that mostly holds our water bottles, to-go coffee mugs, and extra mason jar tops.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

The plastic bin that holds the tops is from the Dollar Tree. I also have some extra spray bottle tops because I like to make my own cleaning sprays and such. The lonesome cup in the back is for protein shakes. I’ve attempted to get rid of this because it rarely gets used BUT my husband insists we keep it. I guess I can compromise on this one item, I guess.

Alright we’ve got this part of the kitchen covered, now we can move on to the island cabinets and drawers.

Island Cabinets and Drawers

Left Side – Drawers

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |
Kitchen Cabinet Organization – Simple Organizing Ideas

When I write left side, all I can think of is the movie Remember the Titans where they say “Left side! Strong side!”

So we’ ll start strong with my favorite side and my favorite drawer, the tea drawer.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

The cream-colored cloths that you see are our zero waste coffee filters. I will be writing a post all about these as soon as I get our coffee items in order.

Coffee mugs are something I like to collect and have a variety of. I like to buy them from different places, especially when we go on vacation. They come with a story and that’s what I love about it.

Eventually I’m hoping to set up a coffee/tea station in our dining area that way I can get some more cute mugs. Mugs are probably one of the things I’m ok with having more of.

The bamboo drawer divider I purchased from Target a couple years ago. Unfortunately, they have since stopped selling them. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they bring them back though.

The drawer next to the tea is where all of our kitchen towels and napkins are kept.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

The dark green cloths in the right corner we use to wash dishes. The colorful ones are our dish towels, and the green ones in between those I use for our vegetable bin in the fridge to help absorb moisture and keep it clean.

Wow I just realized we have a lot of green towels. Looks like I need to expand my color scheme next time I get some new rags.

If we get takeout and have napkins leftover we also store them here. We don’t want them to go to waste or just throw them away.

Left Side – Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

The cabinet below the tea drawer is where I keep our shopping bags and tackle box.

There’s nothing fun in the tackle box, just things like a hammer, batteries, extra hooks, etc. The gray bag in the middle is a lunch box my friend gave me for my birthday last year. It’s so cute, the front has my name on it.

I use this when I go grocery shopping as well to help keep stuff cold because it’s also insulated. This is a must in the Arizona summer heat. I can’t drive 2 minutes without something starting to melt, including me. It’s been a life saver, thank you friend!

Right Side – Drawer

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

On the right side of the island, in the top drawer is the miscellaneous drawer. It has random stuff in it and can sometimes be the junk drawer.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

We keep our mail in another spot but it sometimes accumulates here with other random paperwork. In the back is some extra drawer dividers that we aren’t using, along with scissors, and some supplements.

The blue trays I bought a while ago at Dollar Tree. The left one holds stuff for notes like pads, pens and markers. We also keep a mini flashlight, tape and one of my most prized possessions…a mini tape measure.

When I am on the hunt for some organizing stuff this thing goes with me everywhere! It’s such a handy tool and so helpful. One time I misplaced it and was freaking out, thankfully I found it under the seat of my car. Oh boy that was close.

The one on the right is our medicine tray. We try to heal our bodies as naturally as possible so we don’t keep much medicine on hand. The tray is mixed with both natural and prescribed meds that we’ve needed.

Saving the best for last, and the solution I’m excited to show you is in the cabinet below.

Right Side – Cabinet

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

Here is where we keep our small appliances and our lids!

The top shelf holds the lids along with our blender.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

I had been looking for a lid solution foreeeever but most of the bins I bought were too high or too wide. When target rolled out these white steel baskets I was so happy!

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

I was able to fit all of our lids in one basket. I have found this to be the best solution to containing them and keeping them all in one place. We don’t struggle to search for lids anymore. They all have a home in the same spot and are easily visible. We simply slide the basket out when we need one. Amazing.

I decided this was a good solution for our small appliance parts as well.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

The baskets come in different sizes. The smallest one starts at $7 and the price increases with size. You can find them here.

The last bottom shelf holds the crock pot and juicer.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

I keep the basket of juicing parts in the front, and the heavy motor part in the back.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |

I hope you have gained some kitchen inspiration or some great organizing ideas for your kitchen cabinets. Is there another solution that you’ve been using which works great for you?

Kitchen Cabinet Organization | Simple Organizing Ideas |
Kitchen Cabinet Organization – Simple Organizing Ideas

You may have also noticed that there were some cabinets and drawers that I didn’t go over. This is because I feel that they deserve some special attention and therefore a whole other blog post. So don’t worry, I didn’t forget and I promise I have a plan.

If you have any questions about anything holler at me in the comments below.

To our kitchen cabinet eye candy!

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