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I’m Pregnant! The Story Of How We Found Out

Yes! I am pregnant and this news came as such a lovely surprise. This will be my and Eric’s first pregnancy and very first baby. The news that you’re expecting can come in so many unique ways. I love to hear how people found out they were pregnant, so this is our story.

I'm Pregnant! The story Of How We Found Out | abrikliving.com


It all started back in June when I was living life as normal focusing on the blog, my writing career, planning for a move in September and just making life plans. We were on cloud 9 after our trip to Universal Studios in May and I was thinking, where can we go next? Can we make a trip happen in December?

The first 2 weeks of June I started feeling more tired than usual. I brushed it off thinking it was my adrenals since I have struggled with adrenal fatigue in the past. I did think it was a little weird since I wasn’t feeling extremely stressed or overwhelmed, so I just said to myself, “Ok just monitor your sleep and stress and I’m sure it’ll pass.”

Oh I was very wrong. The last 2 weeks of June my fatigue got even worse. When I would wake up in the morning, after I made breakfast and cleaned the kitchen I felt like I needed a nap already.

More Symptoms

Then I started feeling nauseous throughout the day. This might be an epic pregnancy sign for most, but I had felt this way before. Sometimes I have really bad cramping during that time of the month and I feel very nauseous. So, again I just thought, “Oh ok my period is finally coming.”

Since I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome my monthly cycles have never been consistent. Honestly doctors have asked me to take pregnancy tests in the past because of it. I would always say, “No I’m not pregnant it’s just how my body works unfortunately.”

I hadn’t had a period since April so I was like yay it’s finally coming. This is life with PCOS, you just never know what’s gona happen that month. Changing my diet has helped with this but it definitely isn’t a fix-all. At least it hasn’t been for me.

My nausea started to get really bad during the end of the month. I was feeling sick after every meal I ate and nothing sounded appetizing. I told Eric I was feeling concerned and that I felt I needed to go to the doctor for a checkup. All these things were going through my head. I’m thinking I need blood work done, I might be low on some vitamins, maybe my hormones were all outa wack. Everything that I had experienced in the past as far as symptoms were on my mind. Pregnancy never made that list.


Soon, Fourth of July weekend came around and Eric and I had planned a weekend camping trip. I was still feeling horrible but I figured this mini trip could give me the boost I needed.

At this point I was pushing past my symptoms as much as I could. I was still working the same, doing all my normal activities, hoping my symptoms would subside on their own.

We went camping and it was really fun, but I still had a tough time. I felt extremely tired everyday I took 2-3 naps everyday that we were there. And this was real camping, I’m talking a tent with blankets not no RV with ac and a shower. We were roughin’ it.

Things really started to stick out to Eric when I couldn’t even finish any of my meals. I was so excited because I bought some vegan hot dogs to try, I was really looking forward to tasting them. Well, I took about 2 bites of my hotdog and I was done.

We were both like ok something is really wrong here. I’m freaking out thinking OMG I’m falling apart! That’s when Eric said, “Babe I think you should take a pregnancy test when we get home. You’re not feeling any better and you’re not eating, you might be pregnant.”

I told him fine that I would take one, although I was still very doubtful at this point. Either way I knew I was going to see my doctor because when I lose my appetite that’s when I know things are really messed up. I love to eat! I’m still kind of bummed about that hotdog too it tasted really good.

8 Weeks Pregnant

The Camping Aftermath

The drive home from our camping trip was nice. We stopped at a creek and in Sedona, AZ for some lunch. But I was so tired that whole day. At this point I felt frustrated because I was over feeling so horrible.

Then I felt bad because I told Eric I would help him drive halfway back home. After we left Sedona I took a nap, next thing I know we’re in Phoenix already! So much for taking turns, poor Eric. He said he would rather me sleep anyway, he’s such a peach.

The day after we got back from our camping trip I could barely get out of bed and I slept most of the day. I’m pretty sure this is about the time me pushing through the month of June hit because my body was done. Even getting up to get ready felt like such a chore.

But that Monday I managed to drag myself to Target and picked up the cheapest pregnancy test I could find. If it weren’t for Eric telling me to buy one I honestly probably wouldn’t have even tried. I was so convinced something else was going on with me.

10 Weeks Pregnant

Those Little Blue Lines

Once I got home Eric asked if I wanted to wait until he got home to take the test. There were 2 tests in the pack I bought so I told him, “Nah I’ll just take one now then the other one when you get home.” I was so nonchalant about the whole thing because I had myself convinced I was absolutely not pregnant.

To tell you the truth I think a part of me was afraid to be hopeful that I was. I didn’t want to feel disappointed, plus I always assumed I would know if I were pregnant since I’m pretty good at reading my body. I think another reason is I thought it would take many months or even years for Eric and I to try and have a baby.

The funny thing is we had talked about trying to start a family in December of this year. I wanted to be closer to finishing my Masters, so that was our plan but then God laughed hehe.

So I took that first pregnancy test. The instructions said to wait 2-10 minutes. I put a timer to 10 minutes but before I could even get up from toilet, there they were those little blue lines…PREGNANT.

I freaked and Facetimed Eric. He was like you should’ve waited for me! I said well I didn’t think it would be positive! He was so happy, but both of us were kind of like wait is this for real??

I was like I did get the cheap ones so maybe it’s a fluke or I didn’t do it right. Once Eric got home from work I took the second test. This one came up quicker than the first! PREGNANT.


Eric was so ecstatic and me, well I was still in a bit of denial. I felt I needed more confirmation so the very next morning I made a call to my doctor. They were able to get me in within 2 hours of my call so I said Yes! I’ll be there.

I left my sample for them to run the test and sat in the room for my doctor. Not long after the doctor comes in and says, “Well you are very pregnant we didn’t even have to wait it came up positive right away.” I said yeah that happened twice yesterday too haha.

My doctor referred me to an OBGYN and they called me the next day to set up an appointment. They couldn’t get me in for another 3 weeks! I was freaking out because we still weren’t sure how far along I was since you know my lifetime of irregular periods.

I could not wait 3 weeks so I set out and did my own research for a doctor we would be happy with. My research led me to an office that also has midwives and I instantly knew it was the right place for me.

Eric and I talked before and decided that if we were to ever get pregnant I really wanted a home birth, as natural as possible. But since this was such a surprise we hadn’t really saved up enough for that yet and right now the upfront costs were just a little too much for us. So I found the next best thing, midwives who can deliver in the hospital. They still take a natural approach and offer less invasive labor, just in a hospital setting.

10 Weeks Old

Our First Ultrasound

We still had to wait 2 weeks for our first appointment and it was the longest 2 weeks eeever. But we made it through. We got our first ultrasound done and were able to hear the baby’s heartbeat for the first time. We cried. It was such a special moment and finally felt real.

That’s when they told us we were 10 weeks into the pregnancy. Eric and I were like holy crap I’ve been pregnant for 2 whole months! No wonder I was feeling so weird, thankfully there was a good explanation for all of it.

I'm Pregnant! The story Of How We Found Out | abrikliving.com
12 Weeks Pregnant

14 Weeks & Counting

So fast forward to now, I’m currently 14 weeks pregnant and sometimes I still feel like I’m in a dream. It’s still been an up and down road to get to this point due to some added symptoms that I was feeling but I’ll save that for another post.

We finally shared the news with family and friends and again, it’s starting to feel even more real than that first ultrasound. Pregnancy is such a joyous time but I think it’s important acknowledge that it does come with some trials and tribulations, not just physically but mentally as well.

I’ve had moments where I’ve felt guilty because I’m still scared. Scared that I can carry the baby full-term, scared if this is all really happening to me because I was afraid for so long that it wouldn’t. I’m still a little guarded but I want to share these things because every woman has her journey and we shouldn’t have to go through it alone or keep our guilty feelings to ourselves.

I am beyond grateful and humbled that God chose us to be parents. Yet at the same time I have days of hesitation that something could go wrong. So many years of feeling my body was broken and not knowing if I was doing the right things to make changes for the better. Then bam! One day we’re pregnant.

I’m still processing and have my up and down days. I think talking about it with Eric, my Mom, and family has helped me along the way and despite those up and down days I am beyond thrilled at the thought of someone calling me Mommy.

Now there’s so many more things that I get to share on the blog and I can’t wait!

If you have kids, what’s the story of how you found out you were pregnant? I’d love to know! Did you have any weird symptoms? Let me know in the comments below.

To motherhood and the wonderful surprises of life.

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