Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando |
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Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando

I was quite surprised at the variety of vegan & vegetarian options that were available to eat at the Universal Orlando Resort. This guide can help you choose some great food options at both theme parks and at Universal CityWalk.

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando |

I mentioned last week that Eric and I were able to eat free breakfast while staying at our Hyatt hotel. All we had to worry about was lunch and dinner while we were out visiting the parks at the Universal Orlando Resort.

With all of the other plans for our trip I completely forgot to check for different food options. Anytime we go somewhere new, I like to look up a few places that have vegan or vegetarian options just so it makes things a little easier for us.

The First Day

After all the excitement surrounding our trip, it wasn’t until we were at Universal Studios on our first day of vacation that I stopped and thought, “Oh wait where am I going to eat?”

Eric and I checked the map and chose an Italian spot for our first lunch. We figured hey, if anything I can always have a slice of pizza or a salad.

This was the first of many great experiences when it came to eating lunch and dinner while on our vacation. What made it even better was that most of the places we went to had it clearly stated on their menu if something was vegan or vegetarian.

There was even one place that had it listed on the Universal Map, which I will show you in a bit.

It’s so exciting when things just seem to work out and it made our trip all the more fun. I didn’t feel stressed about finding different food options everyday, and we were both able to enjoy some really great food.

Now…to the guide!

Lunch and Dinner

1. Louie’s Italian Restaurant – Universal Studios (Vegan)

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando

This spot is located in the “New York” themed area at Universal Studios.

When we walked into this restaurant I had every intention of getting a slice of cheese pizza, simply because I didn’t expect there to be much else.

But I decided to ask if they had any other options, you know, just in case, and I’m so happy I did.

Louie’s has a great Spaghetti Bolognese on their menu and it states that it is made with plant-based Gardein Italian sausage crumbles.

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando |

This spaghetti was So. Good. The flavors really made it pop. And honestly I had to ask twice to make sure it was vegan because look at it!

I was happy as could be for the rest of the day because I had some of the best spaghetti bolognese I’ve ever tasted AND it was vegan.

Can you tell food is the key to my heart?

2. Vegan Burgers

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando |

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you may already know that I love french fries. What goes best with fries? Why a burger of course!

I had my fair share of vegan burgers on our trip and I was able to taste a burger from restaurants in each of the theme parks.

Richter’s Burger Co. – Universal Studios

Richter’s is located in the “San Francisco” themed area at Universal Studios

This spot has something called the Impossible Burger Platter on their menu, which is a plant-based burger served with fries.

The burger was pretty good, but nothing too crazy that stood out to me.

The Burger Digs – Islands Of Adventure

Now this spot is located in the Jurassic Park area in Islands Of Adventure.

The Burger Digs was by far my favorite spot for a vegan burger. Their menu has a Vegan Cheeseburger Platter that comes with a brown rice and mushroom patty, vegan cheese, and a side of fries.

I don’t like cheese on my burgers so I ordered mine without. The burger photo above is from Burger Digs.

The patty had great flavor and you could taste the ingredients. I savored this burger and really enjoyed it.

To be fair, I may have liked this place even more because on the Universal map it states that they have vegan burgers.

Eric spotted it and said, “We’re going there.” Simple as that haha. Of course he didn’t have to tell me twice, I was on my way. Eric isn’t vegan or vegetarian but he’s a big supporter of how I choose to eat, and I’m so grateful.

I also had a vegan burger for dinner one night at our hotel, but this place was still my favorite. Yes, it was that good.

If you’d like something other than a burger, this place also has a vegan chicken sandwich option on their menu. It still comes with fries too because that’s important.

3. Vivo Italian Kitchen – Universal CityWalk (Vegetarian)

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando |

Before entering any of the theme parks, you walk into Universal CityWalk which has lots of restaurants and shops.

On our last full day of vacation Eric and I decided to relax during the day and in the evening we got dressed up and went to dinner. We chose this Italian restaurant at Universal CityWalk.

It was nice to sit at a restaurant, enjoy the evening, and take a breather. Walking the parks all day and fighting crowds can really tire you out.

This place was beautiful and the food was delicious.

I ordered a pasta bowl called Eggplant Alla Norma. This dish has tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, and basil served with penne pasta, as stated on their menu.

They also serve bread on the side. This was really good and the eggplant was cooked well. It was pretty filling too. I ended up having some leftovers, but I didn’t mind that at all.

4. Antojitos Authentic Mexican Food – Universal CityWalk (Vegetarian)

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando

This Mexican restaurant is located in Universal CityWalk as well.

Honestly, I was a little hesitant on talking about this place because it was our least favorite restaurant. But I decided to include it for 2 reasons 1.) They may have just been having an off day when we went and 2.) Everyone’s idea of “authentic Mexican food” is different.

So, for the sake of fairness it made the cut at the last minute. The restaurant itself is beautiful inside and out. I loved the colors and vibe of the place.

I ordered Enchiladas Vegetarianas from their menu. There was a mixture of black beans, roasted corn, chile poblanos, and wild mushrooms inside the enchiladas. And on top there was a chile sauce and queso fresco.

It was nice that it came with a side of rice and beans, but unfortunately, once the food reached our table it was cold. We didn’t have time to send it back because we wanted to make the last shuttle back to our hotel so we were crunched for time.

The mixture in my enchiladas tasted like just a lot of ingredients thrown together and the tortillas didn’t taste fresh, which said on the menu that they are house made.

With that, we were pretty disappointed.

However, like I said it could have just been an off day for them. I think to really give this place a fair shot I would like to go back and try something else on the menu because they do have other options.

So if you ever decide to eat here let me know how it goes.


1. Voodoo Doughnut – Universal CityWalk (Vegan)

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando |

Oh this sweet shop is dangerous, because the doughnuts taste so good!

The first time we had tried Voodoo Doughnuts was in Portland, Oregon which is actually where it originated from.

I was shocked when we saw it in Orlando because I didn’t know they had a location there. It was a good shock of course, and there was no doubt in our minds that we would eventually end up here.

Voodoo Doughnut is located in Universal CityWalk. It’s a big pink building so you can’t miss it.

Just like Tiffany’s is famous for their little blue box, Voodoo Doughnut is famous for their pink box.

When you go to order your doughnuts be sure to ask for the vegan options because they change daily.

The options were pretty good here, but I’m a plain Jane kinda gal when it comes to doughnuts. I ordered an apple fritter and a glazed doughnut, both vegan.

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando |

The apple fritter was huge! So Eric and I shared it for dessert on another night. Both tasted great and I highly recommend them.

2. Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Universal Studios (Vegetarian)

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando |

In the same “New York” themed area at Universal Studios is a Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream shop.

It can get pretty hot and humid in Orlando so ice cream is such a nice treat.

We had a 5-day pass to both theme parks and on one of the days we pulled over before heading out and got a couple of ice cream cones.

I hadn’t eaten a cone like this in a really long time and it was sooo good.

Plus I was even more excited because Ben & Jerry’s had wooden spoons instead of plastic ones for the ice cream.

It’s nice to see companies that are trying to do right be the environment too. I was like you go Ben & Jerry!

When we left the ice cream shop there was a parade going on. It was fun to watch the parade while eating our ice cream cones. A perfect close to an exciting day.


Toothsome Chocolate Emporium – Universal CityWalk (Vegetarian)

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando |

I believe it was about the 5th day into our trip when Eric and I missed breakfast at our hotel because they stop serving at 9am.

We must’ve been tired because we slept a couple hours after 9. We went into this trip with the idea of having fun but also not stressing. So when we woke up late, we didn’t stress about it one bit.

The only question was where are we going to eat? That seemed to be the number one question of our vacation haha.

We took our time getting ready for the day ahead and looked up some places online that served breakfast. I ran into this restaurant called Toothsome Chocolate Emporium located in Universal CityWalk.

It’s quite a peculiar name and seemed like more of a dessert place so I didn’t think they would have many options. Come to find out they serve brunch ALL DAY, yes!

I wish I had taken a photo of our brunch because it was amazing, but I was starving since we missed breakfast, and taking photos was the last thing on my mind.

I can get a little hangry if I don’t eat on time, ahem we don’t have to talk about that though.

Trust me when I tell you the brunch is a definite must. I ordered a waffle with a side of potatoes and one egg. I was hesitant on the egg because I don’t eat egg by itself very much, but they cooked mine to perfection. Everything was seasoned well and the waffle was nice and fluffy.

We still can’t stop talking about our brunch and can’t wait to go back.

Food and Fun

Guide To Vegan & Vegetarian Options At Universal Orlando

We got to experience so many different types of foods and even try some new dishes. The food definitely helped to make our trip memorable and so did the service we received.

Everywhere we went the servers and workers were so nice and inviting. Props to all the hard working people at places like the Universal Resort. It isn’t easy working with so many different types of people each day. We appreciate you!

Now I know these meals weren’t the healthiest. I tried to balance it out with a good breakfast and some fruits for a snack.

It was vacation and I didn’t stress about it. I ate cleaner meals as soon as we got home because we did eat some heavy foods. But I think it’s all about balance. We don’t eat this way all the time and I was really excited to try out all the vegan and vegetarian options that were available.

There are a lot of places that offer salads too if you’d like to get more greens and healthy eating in while on vacation.

I hope you found this guide helpful. Let me know in the comments below.

To great food while on vacation!

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