Cleaning Complaints: Confessions Of A Tidy Home |
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Cleaning Complaints: Confessions Of A Tidy Home

I have a confession to make, I don’t like every single thing that I clean in my home. Hey I’m human, I get it done but in my head I’m complaining and sighing while doing it. Just for a little fun today, here are my cleaning complaints.

Cleaning Complaints: Confessions Of A Tidy Home |
Cleaning Complaints: Confessions Of A Tidy Home |

I genuinely like cleaning my home. I love to blast some music, and I could clean for hours. Depending on how much time and energy I have that day I can get pretty meticulous while cleaning.

Some days, I’ll wipe all the base boards and vents, while other days, I’m good with just dusting and vacuuming.

However, while cleaning there are certain things and rooms that I really despise having to do.

Since we’re always talking about tidy this, and oh clean that, I thought it would be fun to talk about the things we don’t like. We put in the work, so I think it’s ok to get some things off our chest haha.

So here we go, my top cleaning complaints!

Cleaning The Blinds

Oh where do I start with these. I always seem to miss a spot of dust on at least a couple of blinds. And when I’m wiping them, they swish from one side to the other. It’s such a struggle just to clean one blind!

Every time I approach the blinds to clean them, I mentally prepare by saying…ugh! Then we battle it out, will the dust stay or will it go, no one knows.

And yes I dust with an old sock. Does anyone else do this?

Cleaning Complaints: Confessions Of A Tidy Home |

It’s a good thing we don’t have a crazy amount of blinds in the house, but still. One set feels like I’m stuck cleaning it for an hour.

It sucks when we have dust storms, then I really have to stay on top of my blind cleaning…grrr.

Fitted Sheets

A lot of people talk about how to fold fitted sheets. Well my dilemma is putting them back on the bed after washing them!

It never fails, I always seem to get the sides criss-crossed and have to start all over again. Being that I’ve been putting sheets on my bed for quite a few years you’d think that I would be an expert by now, but I’m not.

I think someone should come up with a new system. Maybe some tags on the inside of the sheet with numbers for the corners or something. That would be so helpful and I’d feel less dumb getting defeated by a sheet…a sheet!

Dear fitted sheet, you are exhausting and I can’t even deal.

Duvet Covers

First, I would like to know who started the duvet cover trend and why they thought it was a good idea?

Second, I’m still trying to figure out why I went with the trend.

Darn trendsetters, giving us more work on cleaning days. If you still have a comforter on your bed, props to you! And I would recommend keeping it that way.

Let me tell you why.

After I take the cover out of the dryer, I have to step up on my bed to lay the cover out.

Then, I put the duvet cover insert and lay it on top. The corners have to match up or else the insert will get all weird and bundled up.

Next, I have to roll each side like a tootsie roll. This takes forever when I do it by myself. I have to roll the cover on one side.

Then walk to the other side of the bed and continue rolling. I go back and forth until I reach the bottom of the bed.

Cleaning Complaints: Confessions Of A Tidy Home |

Then it gets flipped inside out. To put the cherry on top, I put all my focus on buttoning the bottom of the duvet cover just to make sure everything stays in place, of course.

Once it’s all complete, this is what happens next.

This is actually a “trick” I learned from YouTube, the other way to put the duvet cover together would be to stuff the insert in and wrestle with it until it looks nice. But either way, it’s a lot of work.

In the good ol’ days I would take the comforter out of the dryer, nicely lay it on the bed, and call it a day.

We are currently shopping for a new comforter. I’m pretty much over the duvet cover trend.

Folding Socks & Underwear

I really don’t mind doing laundry EXCEPT having to fold my socks and underwear.

I’m ok with folding everything else, even Eric’s underwear. For some reason, it’s just my own that I really don’t like folding.

Opening my dresser drawer, my underwear would just be piled in there and the socks I’d roll up and toss ’em in too. I guess you can say this was like my junk drawer of clothes.

Now, I’m trying to do the KonMari way of folding to see if it helps me keep these items in order. They’re just such a pain to have to fold and put away.

I don’t know why, I just loathe folding my socks and underwear.

Cleaning Complaints: Confessions Of A Tidy Home |

Hopefully Marie Kondo can help me with my anti-sock folding ways.

Cleaning The Bathroom

Last complaint of the day, I promise.

It’s the bathroom. Agggh! I really do not like to clean the bathroom.

I always save that room for last, or better yet ask Eric to help me clean then assign the bathroom to him hehe.

He knows how much I don’t like to clean it so he’s usually nice enough to choose to clean that room. There have been a few times when he said “Um, can I clean something else today?” Haha that’s when I know my turn to clean it is overdue.

It just feels like I can never get the bathroom fully clean like I want it to be. It’s definitely not the kitchen where I can have sparkly countertops and a shiny stove.

Nope, the bathroom gets used so often it has never ending water spots on the counter and a white tub that constantly needs to be cleaned.

Thankfully I do have someone to help me share the duties. Thanks babe!

So these are my cleaning complaints. As much as I do love to keep my house clean, these areas I approach with a great big “Maaan! I don’t want to!”

At the end of the day it gets done though. And who ever comes over to visit will never know.

So what are your top cleaning complaints? I must know, are they like mine? Let me know in the comments below.

To cleaning! And complaining a little while doing it.

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